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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time of new president Obama: time to tackle U.S. crisis

20th jan, tuesday 2009, day of Barack Hussein Obama's inauguration as America's first black president became one of the most historic days in American history. And, most glorious day for black Americans. Under a bright sunny sky, Obama, a constitutional lawyer and one of America's most educated politicians took his place as the 44th president of U.S.
Soon after the inauguration, in his first inaugural address to nation Mr. Obama assured every american that he is now all set to tackle the present situation of crisis and unstability. He called for fresh hope amid the cold fear of recession, job loss, middle east problem and healthcare hazard looming large over U.S. But, at the same time he also made it clear that all these socio-economic and political ills of U.S.are the consequence of greed, but also of "our collective failure to make hard choices".

Obama has been inaugurated amid high expectations of the people…..and highest extent of financial, political, infrastructural, educational and medical troubles and challenges. Perhaps no other president in US history has come to shoulder the charges at a more critical time for entire U.S. He himself is pretty aware of that, so from today itself he moves to start chalking out plans and policies. The following goals he has set to save the nation:
1) rescuing the economy
2) charting a new course for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars
3) shaping his approach to the Middle East conflict.
4) Improving the quality of education of all levels and that of healthcare services.

Obama has pledged prompt and swift action to beat this economic crisis since the Great Depression. Obama now seeks fresh and effective approaches to repair the battered financial system and rescue it from a sudden-disruption. He and his team of employees are developing a series of ideas for that. Those includes the creation of a government run bank which would buy up toxic assets from seek and trouble-stricken U.S. banks. This aims to rekindle the steady flow of credit to the economy, so that businesses and customers can get access to loans. He will also be considering declaration of a $825 billion fiscal stimulus package to give a boost to the economy. With this purpose he will meet with his economic advisers.

In addition to all these economic summits and discussions, Obama will also sit down with top military officials to discuss the war situation in Iraq and Afghanistan and to set the strategies and plans to be taken to resolve the middle east conflict. No doubt middle east will hold the place of top most priority in Obama’s activities and Iraq and Afghanistan will surely Obama's foreign policy agenda. But his role will also be active enough to try to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
According to reports, he takes initiative to name a Middle East envoy. For that job he considers George Mitchell, a former U.S. senator. He said that he will prefer a timetable of 16-month for the withdrawal of U.S. military troops from Iraq.


  1. Really let's all keep our fingers crossed to wait and watch our new president in full fledged action..................!!!
    Timely tailored article !!
    thumbs up

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