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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bad credit score: how to improve it amidst this recession?

It is a common matter of public concern to take care of their credit score. You, me everyone is therefore trying hard to improve this. Credit score is the principal aspect of a person’s credit profile….it is the backbone of our finance. Your creditworthiness, your loan ammount and the interest rate that will be charged on you…everything depends on the dignity of your credit score. A level of 750-850 in your credit report is the recognition of your loan repayment capability, your stable financial state, and….. your reliability. Similarly, a lower score like 300-350 makes much cautious sence in the mind of all thew potential creditors.

There are some steps, some measures to be taken for gaining that improvement, and simply we need to be caring about our own credit. I wish to share several wayouts with you to optimise your credit score.

1) View your credit report throughly. In case any error you find out, make sure you don’t seat at home silently; just imidiately bring this matter to the notice of credit buraue with your own justifications.

2) Ask for the letter of deletion from a collection agency, in case you have already made a payment successfully to them; what is the utility of a letter of that type? It works as a proof of payment and does a refreshment of your line of credit in credit report.

3) Keep a track with the credit reporting dates for your account to the credit reporting agencies through the credit card companies & request your creditor to change the due date a few days prior to the reporting day. Consiquently, scheduling payment just before the reporting date will reduce your credit obligations at last minute & magnify the score.

4) Ask the credir card companies to increase your credit limit. On other hand you could facilitate the credit score if you could manage to maintain your credit below 30you’re your prescribed limit.


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