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Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting started with saving money? Little tips are here (2)

This post is the continuation of the previous post I wrote on "saving money".
On my last post, I gave some useful tips on how to save your money at this hard time....those points were not all about this. Some more points are below that I like to share:

Almost at all shopping malls free customer rewards programs are being arranged now a days….try and sign up as many of them as possible. At any shopping place you shall get benefited with some coupons and discounts if you have a rewards card….even if you rarely go for shopping at that place. All you have to do for this kind of financial benefit is to create a Gmail ID which shall be exclusively used for sending these emails. Just after collection of a customer rewards card, check that account for extra coupons at the time of shopping.

2. Another good idea is Maximizing yard sales. But it is a fact that the stuff there is often junk. So one has to be careful about what thing he will buy. Try to use own tactics and strategies to find it out and lower the prices Thus you shall get a good bargain.

3. Avoid going for shopping without a pre-made list of articles you are interested in buying and a concrete preset budget of spending on those things. You have to figure those out before going out and more importantly, have to stick strictly to 1) that list of articles and 2) the range or budget of spending on them. Make sure you do not buy anything else except those in your list. You shall find yourself saving on your monthly budget if you honestly follow these tactics.

4. Undoubtedly, it is worth praising to keep the habit of spending for collection of something that is valuable, precious, or has an antique value or may be simply goes with your test and liking……but then you also have to watch out for the true value or usefulness of the thing you are collecting. If it is just something you buy and collect out of your habit, and it has no such utility or value…then, perhaps it is a little waste of money being spent on those things. If you can cut down on your spending on that hobby, you shall be able to plan for savings.

5. It is also a good idea sometimes for saving some money to avoid spending on buying stuff from outside to gift somebody….rather we can easily prepare some gifts at home. Go for making some bread, cookies, mixes, soap, candles etc. at home The positive factors are…. 1) these things are inexpensive and their preparation wont cost you too much, 2) it is quite easy to prepare such things.

6. Whenever you get bored with the CDs you have been long listening to, or the book you have completed reading for the 6th time, you tend to swap those books, CDs, DVDs for the new ones via the internet with others. From next time when doing that, Just use sites like “PaperBackSwap”. What is the benefit factor in trading media using PaperBackSwap? You really do not need to spend money that much on media. You shall get a flow of new books, CDs, DVDs emailed to you - for free.


  1. I like to save too.... well, a few days ago, you said you are up to link exchange. If you are still interested, kindly comment any of my posts. I surely appreciated it if you would...

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  2. Hey, thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, I am ready for link exchange. But, as I have received soo many link exchange requests in the meantime, that unfortunately I can not remember your which site I contacted....would you be kind enough to send the URL of your site, here in my blog comment? Make reply comment under this same post....I am following..

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