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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Travel Insurance Tips healthy tips before you leave Home

Top Tips - make details of the medical conditions

It is vital that you mentioned any pre-occurring medical situations when you buy the travel insurance to make sure that you deserve the key level of insurance cover for trip.If you contain a medical situation which you may ought to cover up whenever you go outside.

1.Check the proper Vaccinations

search the proper vaccinations while you moving away for holiday destination.Also you need to speak to your identified family doctor else any nearest travel clinic Soon to make up for the correct vaccinations.For total idea on vaccination is a key factor .

2.Never Loose Your ETHIC

If you contain a medical card,make sure it is still valid and open while your trip.

3.Do not forget to pack each medication you might required

Take your a prescription and medication,take proper supplies for your whole trip.keep the first aid box,also some painkillers tablets capsule,plasters and other indigestion capsules.

In away situational . . .

1. Keep protect yourself

Keep protect yourself in the sun energy take care of you body Mind And soul .Also try to wear a hat make a habit of using the light cloths and light clothing to help prevention from sun energy .Also make sure that you are carrying the sunglasses which can provide the UV kind of protection use the SpvF score of 14 or above check the expiry date of sun's creme,they always don’t last forever.

2.Be a Light eater

Ignore the tap water and cold drinks; stick to pure water even while giving brush to your mouth .

3.Take prevention from dangerous mosquitoes

Do not let the mosquito to make you feel like ill person which is always not good ,its also depend where are you at this moment.Mosquitoes equally might be equally diseases.Always Keep your knee arms organs and hand,legs should be properly covered.


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