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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Four Easy Debt Reduction Tips

I like to write about an array of personal finance topics, but my true passion is debt reduction.

Tip 1 -
Make credit card Related payments as early as possible. This also decrease your average balance also the total interest charges.

Tip 2 -
Try to Be both physical and emotional Strong. Debt reduction also need 3 things 1) money, 2 a great plan, and consistent dedication.Towards credit card Related payments formulate a great Goal to reduce your debt.

Tip 3 -
Stop now adding to further debt.Decreasing credit card amount by $550,only to charge $700 on if you contain other card will not make any sense.

Tip 4 -
Basically Focus on small principal amount.I also know we too can get fascinated by high interest and correctly so but the instant road to eliminate tour total debt is also is reduce the principal amount.I want to disburse my regular EMI, too much early in the payment cycle, and after then i will disburse the extra payment for entire the month. also I have verified with my creditors to make sure that I know how they handle the extra amount of payments.


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