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Thursday, July 22, 2010

If you planning to hire a car this time,check out:make sure you have the insurance policy you think you do

There are so many states needed drivers to pull some coverage on their own motor cars, there is no such case is urgent for the rental vehicles.Car rental companies have hardly offers optional coverage about additional fees, if you have existing auto policy it hardly contains coverage with include rentals.

Advantages for Students & Teachers Also

Those Students,Teachers may also can save some dollars on the the transportation, and also can obtain some other discounts but they need some following things :

ISIC -International Student Identity Card for class 12 and, who have just enrolled in the institution, also who all are working for a graduation or diploma.
ITIC - An International Teacher Identity Card for those who all are full time teachers also doing faculty in any reputed institution
IYTC - International Youth Travel Card A GO 26 - for ages 13 - 26. You need to be at least twelve years of age,should not cross age of 25 at the time of enrollment.


  1. Very nice post. Thanks for informing me about this useful coverage option. The policy that I am currently having doesn't include this one. This option do offers promising benefits, I will soon add it to my policy.
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