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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Schemes to Release Equity Assures a Rocking Retired Life

Its a known fact that the stability of a retired life largely depends on the pension plans. But nowadays, the pension schemes are being offered at such low rates that the assurance of a stable retired life remains a big question. However, the world does not end here for the retired people. In fact, the idea to release equity sounds a much better alternative. Sometimes, you face a lot of harassments from the authorities in fetching your very own deserved pension. Instead, the option to release equity allows you to be the homeowner and at the same time earn within the walls of your property.

The equity release schemes allow you to withdraw cash against the value of your property. If you are the homeowner and above sixty, this loan scheme is best for you as it gives you the opportunity to make good money even after retirement. Whether you are planning for a long holiday tour or a four-wheeler, these equity release plans fulfill every need of you. The property equity release schemes work on this principle that they provides you a part of your property value in return for a certain share of the proceeds on your death.

There are certain benefits if you opt for the schemes to release equity. Lets have a look:

These equity release schemes provide you a lump sum and a steady income throughout your entire retired life. The sum may be offered to you in tens of thousands of pounds and sometimes hundred pounds per month or even more than that.

The cash that you extract from the value of your property is absolutely devoid of tax.

In order to unlock equity, you don't need to sell off your home. With the help of effective equity release schemes, you are ensured to stay in your own home and earn high.


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