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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Validation of Debt: how to identify?

Debt validation means re-estimation of total amount of your unpaid debt. Putting it simply, it’s the recalculation of exactly what you owe….only the process is requested by you, & whole thing is done with your consent. When you want to go for this process? Its when you challenge the debt collectors of any debt collection agency, who have got the job to “squezze” you for the payment, & therefore started making harrassing calls day in & day out to pressurise you. These “collection” guys have a very bad habit often; they often send you the incorrect information about your total debt amout & show the total amount much more than your exact real amount in their calculation. If you have got to combat them, your debt validation is the option you must go for.

However, people need to be assured that their debt amount is properly validated. Is there any way to figure out that the validation of our debt we are getting in response is genuine? Unfortunately, not at all….in most cases.
Here, I would like to share with you some points related to debt validation. I trust, that these details would help you people understand how to identify a real debt validation.
1st important thing is: sending debt validation request letter. Every debt validation request letter has to be sent through Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested to generate the written record for you. I mean, you people have got to make it a point.


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