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Friday, September 4, 2009

Forex market: some primary information for the new entrants (part 2)

I am back....where I was exactly?
Ohh yaa...I was supposed to throw some light on the recent overwhelming popularity & spread of Forex in public. Indeed, already Forex has come to the doorsteps of a large portion of common people. Some market experts are saying: Fore has already started outgrowing Stock Market in terms of active members, wealth generation & speed.

There are some key explanations for this:

1) The Internet connection has really opened a new, faster & more effective arena in this market. Why? It has increased the speed, connectivity & accessibility....making the trade extremely reachable to people.

2) The Forex market trading activity is open 24/ break in service; the operation continues in different shifts round the clock in almost all big trade firms. This is mainly done to enable people from different time zone of this planet to join this market, by overcoming their time barrier. That means, the whole world can stay connected to it all the time....and you can stay logged in to the market 24/7. You just need to give your broker your “stop-loss” / “stop-orders” to buy or sell currency once they have reached a certain price limit. In this way massive losses can be prevented.

3) Comparing the potential difference between Stock & Forex, the stock market is highly unstable. But Forex market is indeed a solid & stable market...


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