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Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas time? Control your money to enjoy it! (2)

I am back.....and this time I am set to cover some other money saving measures essential for this Christmas period.....which were left in my last post, & which I promised to cover in this post. Almost a week has passed since I made last post. And meantime, the necessity of letting people know how to control resource during the festive period (not only save it) has been felt more & more, as I have already received at least 10 personal emails from readers, who wrote that they are interested about this "Savings" issue, liked my last post & willing to know about more ways to save money & avoid debt in Christmas season. I always give my reader's opinion a 1st priority....its their thought, which says it all!!
Now, to the points....

As I told in my last post, you have to find out your capacity, & prepare own budget accordingly for spending. Even within budget you can go festive pretty well. To prove this fact, I explained some cheap gifting ways in last Gifts make for a good part of any festival. Another equally popular & inseparable festival attraction is--Partying. Christmas is there & several parties have to be arranged from your end....but don't worry, the parties need not tear your wallet apart. Here are some handy, worth following guidelines for you to make an affordable party event, & a thrifty Christmas entertaining:

1. Be choosy about your invite list.....put names there as per your affordability. Don't end up calling almost everyone you see. To make a fit, suitable list of invitees, you need to make a total Party budget before writing the list.

2. Going through a real hard Financial condition this season? You may find this Dinner party a too expensive arrangement. Don't worry, there is another good option..."Dessert call". Invite everyone for a dessert party, like--that with cookies, Chocolates, Strawberries etc. It'll be inexpensive....yet very enjoyable & praised by all.

3. There are several party stores, where you can find all party stuff (both for Food & decoration) at pretty cheap rates. They are "Dollar stores". Snacks, drinks, candy, plus decorations, candles, plates etc. all can buy from such stores comfortably.

4. It'll be a wise idea to get a colleague friend to co-host the party (and share the expenses) along with you, at any place you both will settle on (may be your place, may be his). Then you don't need to take the whole burden of expenses on your shoulder.

5. A good way to limit the total cost is to curtail Alcohol cost. Its a huge expense when entertaining guests at a party. Of course, its surely an inseparable thing to make a party, & its almost a custom to we cant just eliminate that part. But we can cut down on cost. Let the spirits be supplied by your guests, & have a wine/beer liquor potluck. You can also consider to serve a spiced cider to cut the costs.

6. Borrow all the useful party decor items & accessories from your pals. May be some of your friends and family own some holiday decor, dishes and table linens. Of course, you should invite them to your party.


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