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Friday, October 23, 2009

Christmas time? Control your money to enjoy it!

With Santa's ringing the Christmas bell at our doorstep, time for a big expense is nearing. No doubt, Christmas makes the best festival time in a year....and also the busiest times. People do a lot of things along with family & pals to live joyful. The list of activities may well include-cooking Christmas meal, Buying gifts, wraps, taking all for a holiday outing etc. All of the enjoyments, cost you pretty well in this pick festive season. Christmas time is very expensive time of year. Therefore, its a wise idea implement a budget plan over your spending as per affordability, & go strict with it, in order to enjoy this festive to fullest & avoid any debt. If we can do a little monitoring our expenses, cut extra spending, we can save up enough for Christmas & come out all smiling.

This is a very common issue of over spending on Christmas occasion beyond capacity & thus incurring big debt on credit cards, & falling in unnecessary financial stress....many people regret this each season & make the same unleashed spending next year. Here I want to share a few simple money saving tips you can take for this season.

1) Gifts....a damn indispensable stuff to spend on now. Of course. But spend on gifts depending on total count of your family members, & depending on your total budget you kept for Christmas . You can consider arranging a secret Santa. Indeed, a nice way to cut down on gift spending. It is a funny process, too.

2) Another way to save up money is make gifts on your own, for loved ones. There are several simple, yet attractive stuff you can make at home...which would cost pretty less, yet they can give the recipient a touch of your cordiality. For example, bake cookies, chocolates, cakes, candies....they are some mouthwatering yet simple food stuff. Or to present something, you can make some craft works you are good at. Things like-knitting, cross-stitching, patch working etc will just be fine. You can also make your own Christmas cards.

In my next post I shall get back with more on this topic. So, keep coming to my blog, & watch out for the next entry…I’ll come back with a detailed discussion on remaining money saving measures.


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