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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Credit Repair Scams: an insight(2)

Before I even start to write anything, I must finish off the indispensable duty....that is, I feel I must beg my reader's apology 1st. 2 posts back, I came up with the issue of "Scams of credit repair", threw a bit light on its primary nature & aspects.....& then promised to get back with the preventive financial measures to stop credit repair scams in my very next post. But unfortunately, some Payday loan related issues came up meantime.....which, I felt, had to be discussed on an urgent basis. So last 2 weeks I got busy discussing on them in 2 blog posts, and could not get to concentrate on Credit repair scams. Finally I am back with that topic once again, & now will share with you the financial steps one can take to prevent such scams. Here they are:
  • Before just taking up any program, I guess you all would like to know the best program available in market as per your affordability. How about a Free initial no obligation consultation with one or two of your chosen companies? No company would refuse that & you can easily get the overviews of the programs you mostly liked.
  • Before even signing up with the credit repair program with any company, we need to be assured about the company’s clean image & trustworthiness. It is a good idea to find out the business profile & age of that company. If necessary, we have to inquire with Better Business Bureau (BBB) about the company’s past business track records & activities. These all, in fact, are the efforts to minimize the chance of being victimized, & maximize the possibility if getting genuine service. After all an unknown or new company is not as reliable as an well-known one!!
  • I have found out another useful but easy-to-understand indication of a possible credit repair scam; when the company insists you not to communicate with any of the three principal credit bureaus & tries to assure that no need to contact authorities….they can handle your credit problems all well!
  • Get familier with the financial laws before getting into it….less or no awareness about the Laws is the easiest way for the companies to play fraud game & gulp your money. Ae per the Credit Repair Organizations Act, you do not need need to pay the service charge untill you received their services. So if you find them requiring you to pay the charges prior to offering the assured credit repair service, say “Good bye” and walk away.


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