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Saturday, November 21, 2009

SR22 Insurance: a detailed insight (1)

Have you ever gotten into a car accident or been pulled over for a speeding ticket? The majority of people in America have experienced at least one of these two scenarios sometime in their life. But, there are some people who have gone through these situations more than once, and probably even several times. The people who seem to go through these circumstances regularly have probably experienced the hassles of SR22 insurance. What is SR22 insurance and what does it do? Here is a brief article to tell you the basics of what you need to know about SR22 insurance.

What exactly is SR22 Insurance?
This type of insurance was created by the government for each state to give to its lawbreakers independently. This is not for someone who has been in an accident once or has been pulled over on the highway for speeding during an isolated incident. This type of insurance is for those individuals that just can’t seem to stop getting in accidents or getting tickets for one thing or another. SR22 insurance can be issued by a judge or a police officer, but will most often be enforced after an individual has been called into court on many different occasions. At this point, the judge is allowed to require that individual to begin paying for SR22 insurance. If a police officer issues the SR22 insurance, it is usually because an individual is driving around without insurance. This is an enforced policy and if an individual fails to follow through with it, he may be forced to have this insurance for a longer period of time or pay additional fines.

Where we can find SR22 Insurance?
Many insurance agencies offer SR22 insurance, but you will need to check with the agency that you are currently with before assuming that you can purchase it through them. Many times, you will have to find a new company to cover you during this time. SR22 insurance is more expensive than regular liability, but it does not provide more coverage.

I find that much information just enough for the day.....after all, I have to get my readers to be able to read this get introduced with SR 22 unnecessary lengthening is always to be avoided. However, more info is coming up on next get back on time!!


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