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Thursday, November 26, 2009

SR22 Insurance: a detailed insight (2)

Finding SR22 Insurance
SR22 type of insurance was created to be a reminder of the penalty that you are serving. If you were ordered by a police officer to begin using SR22 insurance, he most likely also gave you a time period that you need to have it for. Do not stop early on this, or else you will probably have to start your coverage again. If you were issued this penalty by the judge, you may have been given a sentence of up to three years. This is to cover the most severe circumstances, such as multiple car accidents in a short period of time, or several tickets and moving violations.

Get familiar with using SR22 Insurance
When you buy SR22 insurance through your insurance company, this policy serves as a declaration to the DMV that you have actually purchased the insurance that you need to have. If you choose to not pay any of your payments or renew your policy when you are required to, the DMV will be notified and you will be fined and your driver’s license may be suspended. Once your license is suspended, you will have to get the SR22 insurance through your previous insurance company or another company, pay off the fines that you have accumulated, and possibly complete certain driving tests or classes to become eligible to receive your license. You will need to know what problems are currently on your record and what the DMV is currently requiring you to do. This is a lot of extra hassle and you will save yourself a lot of time, energy, and money if you will only do things right the first time through. Yes, it may be bad to get an SR22 policy, but if you learn from it the first time you get it, you won’t have to worry about needing to get it again later.


  1. I m actually familiar with this type of insurance policy. What is SR22 insurance ? What purpose does this policy solve ? I would like to know about this type of insurance in detail. From this post I didn't got any clear picture about this insurance scheme.
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