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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Forex market: some primary information for the new entrants (part 1)

No doubt Forex Exchange Market (or, Forex market) has become one of the best way for wealth generation. This market now has been made available for trading to all people in the world, as the no. of active partiticipants in this trade is growing by moments and more & more people from all over the world are becoming interested to enter this market for a better fortune.

Even I fell in love with this market a few years back, entered it….& now an active participant. However, perhaps due to this interest I did a bit study with Forex market & its participating people, and found that-many of the new comers lack proper priliminary knowledge about Forex market, its trends, trading strategies & associated common things. Ya its true that they are just the new entrants, & experience in any trading makes a man more efficient….BUT, before physically starting any money-making trade one should make some effort to gather on his own the basic primary information about that trade, which might work as “something to start with”; for this, you need to study a bit. And, many new market entrants don’t even care for that before makiung the move.
For this, here I wanted to share some basic, but useful information about Forex market & its common trends.All you need is 20 minutes a day and

The 1st thing; what exactly it takes to be into Forex trading?
Essential requirements for the system: Just a PC in front of you, and an Internet connection with it. That’s all you need. NO OTHER SYSTEM OR TOOL YOU NEED TO SPEND ON

Even only a few years back FOREX MARKET happened to be the working area for only the major banks, hedge funds and institutional traders.
And there are some specific reasons behind this market's rapid spreading & popularity among common people, which I intend to explain in the next part of this discussion. So...stick to my blog, & keep checking for my next arrival.


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